How to create a new project

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Sugester enables you to create, manage and track projects. At their core, projects are basically a collection of tasks; however, every project has some unique properties that make working on complicated tasks easier. To create a new project, go to Projects on the top menu pane and click +New project. You will see the following screen:

As you can see, there are multiple settings that you can adjust for your new project:
  • Name;
  • Start date;
  • End date;
  • Description;
  • Project members - the project can include all users on your account (default), or just a part of your team;
  • Attachments.
If you click on More options, there are some additional options available:
  • Users - this person is the owner of the project; unless indicated otherwise, all new tasks within this project will be assigned to them;
  • Department - the project will only be accessible by team members from the department you choose here;
  • Client - if this project is being completed for a client, you can select them here; the project will appear on the client's client sheet; all new tasks within this project will be assigned to this client by default;
  • Additional clients - for information purposes only; you can input multiple client names here, but this project will not appear on their clients sheets;
  • Parent project - if you are working on a very complicated project, you can divide it into sub-projects; select the parent project here if this is a sub-project;
  • Folder view - tick this box if you want the tasks and emails within this project to be displayed as a separate folder in your inbox view;
  • Active - check this box if this project is ongoing.
After you're satisfied with your new project settings, click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm the changes you've made.



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