Configure and manage the Suggestions Forum

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Configure and manage your Suggestions Forum

This article contains the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about the Suggestions Forum.

  • Create a forum

    It's very simple - especially if you follow these steps. Go to article

  • Customize your forum's layout

    Make sure the forum's layout fits in with your website. Go to article

  • Enable Facebook login on your forum

    So your visitors don't have to create a separate account. Go to article

  • Use your own domain name

    Maintain a uniform brand identity across services. Go to article

  • Configure notifications about new content

    Never miss out on an important update. Go to article

  • Appoint moderators

    Because somebody has to keep the place clean. Go to article

  • Enable and configure voting for submissions

    Always know what your users care about. Go to article

  • Choose promoted posts

    After all, not all posts were created equal. Go to article

  • Add the Sugester widget to your website

    Make sure your customers are always just a click away from contacting you. Go to article

  • Modify the post submission form

    Manage fields, layout and more. Go to article

  • Connect your forum with Google Analytics

    Collect and analyze detailed visitor data. Go to article

  • Enable SSL login for your forum

    Keep your users' data safe. Go to article



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