Error tracking / bug tracking with Sugester

Créé: 09/03/2018
Dernière mise à jour: 23/12/2019
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Sugester has a built-in error tracking module which can be used to report on HTTP and Javascript errors. Using it is as simple as embedding a code snippet in your website's source.

To start using Sugester's error tracking, go to Settings > Account settings > Extras > jError plugin. If you want to track HTTP errors, embed the code from the first part of the page in the HTML error page. If you want to track Javascript errors, embed the code from the second part of the page in the HEAD section of your website.

Every time a new Javascript or HTTP error occurs, you will receive a notification in your Sugester inbox. The message will also contain detailed information about the error, such as the user's browser version, IP address and timestamp.



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