Configuring the post submission form

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Configuring the new post submission form

Sugester's new post submission form is highly customizable. By going to Settings > Forum Configuration > Post submission form you can modify any and all of the following elements and characteristics:

Post submission form
  1. Attachments policy. You can either allow users to post attachments both on the forum's main page and through the widget, only enable attachments on the forum's main page, or disable attachments entirely.
  2. Form description. This is the short text that appears above the title field.
  3. Toggle category selection. Enabling or disabling this option will determine whether users can or cannot put their posts in a category.
  4. Show/hide e-mail submission field. If this option is selected, a text field asking for the submitter's e-mail address will be displayed on the new post submission form.
  5. Subject field description. Whatever you write in here will apear in the 'Subject' field before the user starts typing his own text.
  6. Title hint. This is broken, and nobody knows what it does. Use at your own risk.
  7. Content field description. What you write here will appear as placeholder text before users start typing their own posts.
  8. E-mail field description. The contents of this field will be displayed as placeholder text in the user e-mail field.
  9. Post type selection description. This is the placeholder text displayed in the post type drop-down list. Post types include error, suggestion, praise and question.
  10. Post category selection description. Placeholder text displayed in the post category drop-down list. Catgories are arbitrary and can be created by the forum owner (that's you!).
  11. 'Save' button text. What's wrriten on the 'submit' button.
  12. Post submission notification. What you write here will be shown to users after they;ve clicked 'submit'.



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